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261 fearless

We held a webinar for 261 in 2019 - Here are some of the recommended resources we discussed.

Post–natal running guidelines
by specialist physiotherapists Tom Goom, Gráinne Donnelly and Emma Brockwell
Blogs and websites by relevant pelvic health physios

Gusset Grippers (Elaine Miller)

Pelvic health comedy

Julie Wiebe

Pelvic health phyiso with a special interest in runners and athletes



Pelvic floor excersise app


Tracker app for linking fitness training with the menstrual cycle

Sue Croft

Pelvic health physio and blog

Equipment & gadgets discussed in the webinar


Vaginal pessary for stress incontinence - available on prescription or online - e.g.


Vaginal pessary for stress incontinence or prolapse

EVB Sportswear

Specially engineered sportswear to support the pelvic floor

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