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The recent government review, led by Baroness Cumberlege, can be read or downloaded using this link:


pelvicroar - statement on the mesh review, 13/7/2020


On behalf of all the pelvic health physiotherapists, clinicians, fitness professionals, campaigners, patient advocates, product companies and individuals who are involved in pelvicroar, we would like to say the following to the mesh-injured community:

— we are in awe of your passion and commitment to change


— we appreciate the empathy and compassion shown by Baroness Cumberlege and the review body

— we are delighted that the review has validated your experiences

— we continue to hear you, to support you and to stand by you

— we will endeavour to walk alongside you as you start, or continue, your recovery journey or your journey to living with complications

— we will continue to advocate for all pelvic health problems

— we will continue to seek new collaborations to promote pelvic health

— we aim to empower everyone with the knowledge and skills to prevent, treat and manage pelvic health issues


Finally, on behalf of the pelvic health physiotherapists Emma Brockwell, Elaine Miller and Myra Robson, who set up pelvicroar in 2018;

We would like to apologise for any missed opportunities to promote pelvic health and the role of physiotherapy. We will continue to make as much noise around pelvic health as we can, and your tireless campaigning has magnified this and will benefit future generations enormously. Thank you all.

useful links

The links below have been carefully selected to be suitable for most people with mesh, mesh complications, or following mesh removal. The diversity of symptoms connected with mesh, combined with a lack of hard evidence, makes it important for each person to try any activities with care and monitor the results.

find a physio

To find a pelvic health physio near you (NHS or private), visit:

NHS England's mesh complications chart

Chart of common mesh-related symptoms, yellow-card reporting, and specialist mesh centres

pelvic floor exercises

For evidence-based instructions on how to do pelvic floor exercises

POGP Guide to Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises (for women)

Squeezy app:

pelvicroar statement
Useful Links
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