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pelvicroar community
(pelvicroar Facebook group)


  • Physiotherapy-led collaboration in pelvic health campaigning

  • Everyone has a place here - learning, sharing, supporting, discussing, reading, observing, brainstorming, suggesting, innovating...

  • Evidence-based, critical thinking and speaking from your own experiences can help everyone else to learn and develop

  • We want individuals to share, ask questions, discuss clinical issues, gather ideas, support, teach, learn, spread good practice, promote pelvic health, break down taboos and encourage more people to work within this speciality 

Ideas list:

The following is a list of ideas that the three of us have had over the last 21 months, since our creation. It also includes ideas that are popping up on the Facebook group at great speed! 

We welcome help and involvement in any of the projects we have ongoing (most of which are on the website or can be found on our social media groups). Contact one of us directly or through the group if you want to get involved.

We suggest that if anyone has an interest in taking a new idea forward under the pelvicroar umbrella, they do the following:

  1. Share it on the group page and get some ideas, feedback and interest

  2. Check that one of the admins are in agreement (we usually agree to everything!)

  3. Nominate a “project manager” to keep things moving (no matter how slow the speed) and take overall responsibility

  4. Gather a group to help take the project forwards – we will always help in any way we can!


  • The golden rule of pelvicroar is "do what you can, when you can, if you can" apologising is allowed! 

  • No pressure...

  • We encourage everyone to share what they are doing in their workplaces, or lives, that involves any aspect of pelvic health. Audit at work? Written a book? Idea for a service development? Given a lecture? Won an award? Selling a product? Created an app? Set up a running group? Established an award winning comedy routine? Tell us all about it

  • This is not the forum for individual pelvic health advice but we won’t turn anyone away who has a burning question or is in real need

  • The administrators may take down a post that feels inappropriate, but we don’t see this happening often and we will always discuss it with the person who posted, to explain why 

  • There is no cost to be involved in pelvicroar 

  • No genuine question is a stupid question

  • No-one is more important than anyone else

Worried you won’t have anything to offer?

Seriously (for a moment)……Elaine, Emma and Myra are well known for comedy, running and apps. When we met, and created pelvicroar, we found that our combined experiences and skills were a powerful combination.  This group can take pelvicroar to the next stage and transform pelvic health. We three were completely new to pelvic health once and didn’t have a clue…we are older and wiser but absolutely no better than anyone else and so we are very excited to welcome you all to this group and collaboration.

Welcome to the team!

Suggestions for pelvicroar:

  • Social media – Instagram, FB and Twitter at the moment

  • Website content

  • Conference – a one day, low cost event (Jane Dixon is coming up with fantastic ideas on this). Ideas so far include: Midlands eg Nottingham/Birmingham

  • Campaign and health promotion materials for open downloading and sharing

  • World Continence Week campaign (June 2020)

  • Post-natal check and trialling new methods (Marie Fell is leading work on this)

  • Working with fitness professionals (Louise Field and Adore Your Floor are our partners on this)

  • Listing and monitoring relevant campaign days and weeks for us to be involved in (Lissie Kellaway worked with us on International women’s Day in 2019)

  • Running campaigns eg yoga/pilates with Finola Burrell in 2019, RDA with Grainne in 2019…

  • Press work

  • Writing blogs for the website

  • Running courses – Emma is organising the second Julie Wiebe course in April. I can offer Lewisham Hospital as a venue (management permitting) and there may be other suitable venues

  • Digital training in some form – Skype/webinars etc

  • Mentoring – it would be wonderful to have experienced pelvic health physios/health care professionals/fitness professionals mentoring less experienced staff

  • Webinars/events for patients

  • Collating presentations that anyone can download and adapt for their specific purpose – patient talks, talks to GP’s etc

  • Writing newsletters for social media, regarding pelvicroar’s work

  • Book, journal and product reviews

  • Supporting groups who would like additional pelvic health knowledge and training eg 261 runners, Positive Pause, RCOG, 

  • Social media training and supporting members in learning to use SM effectively

  • Professional promotion skills eg media awareness and training, advertising..

  • Podcasts (Elaine running this)

  • Applying for funding/awards/grants etc

  • Exploring what is available for specialist conditions and preparing information/campaigns for patients and health care professionals eg sexual dysfunction, vulval skin conditions..

  • Environmental issues and reducing the need for continence pads

  • Supporting health care professionals not specialised in pelvic health. How we can support them to ask the relevant questions in a constrained timeframe, signpost and support patients, learn the key points about pelvic health etc?

  • Gathering book and journal references and links to add to the website

  • You Tube channel for educational videos and product reviews

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