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men's health

Pelvicroar considers that all pelvic health issues are important, but we do recognise that women's pelvic health gets more "airtime". We are setting aside this page to focus on male pelvic health, and provide a variety of links to trusted sources of information, advice and training.


The key pelvic health conditions that we see in men include:


  • Prostatectomy – urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction

  • Persistent pelvic pain

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Faecal incontinence

  • Urinary incontinence

  • Overactive bladder

  • Constipation

These are some of our top tips for people to follow, resources to read, websites to browse...

prostate health videos

Prostate health videos from Adore your Floor:

find a physio

Online consultations:

Find a pelvic health physio for men:


"Pelvic pain - the ultimate cock block" by Susie Gronski

"Pelvic dysfunction in men; diagnosis and treatment of male incontinence and erectile dysfunction" by Grace Dorey

"A headache in the pelvis" by David Wise

"Heal pelvic pain" by Amy Stein

"Ending male pelvic pain" by Isa Herrera

"Pelvic pain explained" by Stephanie Prendergast

"The prostate playbook" and "Prostate recovery map" by Craig Allingham

useful websites, people, and podcasts

Gerard Greene - pelvic health physiotherapist in Birmingham

@gerardgreenephy - includes links to podcasts about pelvic pain and the use of wands for myo-fascial release

Bill Taylor - pelvic health physiotherapist in Edinburgh


Pelvic floor relaxation with Bill Taylor:

Karl Monahan


Adrian Wagstaff – pelvic health physiotherapist in Swansea and Reading

Jo Milios - Australian physiotherapist in male pelvic health, particularly post-prostatectomy

Craig Allingham – Australian pelvic health physiotherapist

Susi Gronski - American physiotherapist with a special interest in male pelvic pain

Susi’s podcasts:

Men's pelvic health for physiotherapists (podcast) -

men's health charities

Association of Continence Advisors

Prostate cancer –

Bladder Health UK –

Pelvic pain society –

training options

(FutureLearn course)


Understanding Continence Promotion: Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Adults – Excellent, free, online course for anyone interested in bladder and bowel continence issues

Greene Seminars - varied courses, including male pelvic health

pelvic floor muscle exercises

Squeezy for men  an app to help with PFMEs, available on the App store and Google Play for £2.99

more coming soon...

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