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your pelvic floor

Online courses for women

A four-step foundations course for every woman, to teach you about your core and to help you understand how your body functions. There are further courses available, with a 25% discount until May 21st.


Return to excersise and running

Emma Brockwell is one of pelvicroar's founders and is a pelvic health physiotherapist. She has a particular interest in running and offers "running MOTs" at here private practice in Surrey, as well as a women-only running group. Her website has lot of useful information on running and post-natal exercise.


Post-natal pelvic floor

Amanda Savage is a pelvic health pysiotherapist and a Pilates intructor. Her wenbsitre contains videos and instructions on pelvic exersises, anatomy, stability exersises and much more...


Pelvic floor relaxation

Guided pelvic floor relaxation - find a selection of video tutorials here.

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