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  • Pelvic floor exercises

    Two excellent sources of instruction on how to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises can be found at:


  • Do not ignore your pelvic floor

    As Fitness Professionals should we consider the implication of exercise on the group of muscles known as the pelvic floor?

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  • Stress Incontinence

    About one in three women may experience stress incontinence — urine leakage caused by bladder pressure during...

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    Written by Katrina Wade Specialist Women's and Men's Pelvic Health Physiotherapist.

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  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D and the pelvic floor

  • Magnesium

    The impact of magnesium on pelvic health

  • Progesterone


Videos with Fiona Peel and Will Smith of Adore your Floor

Pelvic floor awareness and exercises
Steps and step classes
Core strengthening with pelvic floor weakness
Squats and lunges
Gym equipment and classes

Using different techniques of contraction with the pelvic floor group as monitored on the ultrasound at Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic Colchester - Katrina Wade

A visual example of WHY we require the correct balance of resting tone and reactive response to movement from our core.


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