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Welcome, I am Louise Field, founder of Adore Your Pelvic Floor Ltd.

On a personal level, I had noticed a slight change in my pelvic floor after my first 3 children, but until recent years hadn’t paid much attention to the odd bit of stress incontinence … inevitable I thought! I subsequently had a bladder and bowel prolapse after my twin boys were born, resulting in surgery. I was gutted … this had an impact on my job in physical terms, my daily lifestyle, and sex life. I cannot thank my husband enough – he was brilliant and so were my family and friends, particularly on a practical level. Emotionally, with this being such a very personal issue I found it really hard. I did not feel feminine and my pelvic organ prolapse was constantly reminding me it was there.

I have been teaching exercise all my working life and became aware of how many other women were suffering from issues with the pelvic floor. In fact, there were many young mums requiring this ‘little op’. As a Fitness Professional, I felt compelled to research this issue in-depth. I spoke to many women, men, doctors, and health professionals and began teaching pelvic floor awareness courses. I was amazed by the interest from people wanting to know more about this ‘sensitive’ area. I continued my research and have worked closely with the highly professional Katrina Wade, a practising Women’s and Men’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist.


All pelvic floor issues, be it pelvic pain, incontinence or sexual health, have an impact on our lives. The problems do not go away on their own without correct advice and exercise. This is why I have been driven to set up Adore Your Pelvic Floor as a training provider, offering teacher training workshops to Fitness Professionals, Midwives, Health Professionals and organisations and created the Adore Your Floor Programme for the general public. The CORRECT advice together with functional exercise is required to better manage and help restore pelvic health. Adore Your Pelvic Floor continues to support our students and clients with knowledge and the opportunity to discuss experiences whilst also offering emotional support and understanding to each other.


I can’t thank everyone enough for the huge encouragement they have given me along the way – making this important programme possible.

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