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Resources for professionals and campaigners

Presentations, leaflets, posters and images available for use.

what you need to know about your pelvic floor

Educating new mums about the importance of pelvic floor care and how to access physiotherapy.

fitness professionals and pelvic floor

The importance of understanding pelvic floor issues and being pelvic floor safe.

PMDD and related conditions

Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder - working on increasing awareness.

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Aiming to open up conversation and increase knowledge.

261 Fearless

Resources on pelvic health issues for runners


Campaigns to advise, prevent and educate women about prolapse.


Campaigns to smash the stigma, educate and empower people to seek treatment.

Vulval conditions

Campaigns for greater understanding of vaginal atrophy, lichen sclerosis and vulval cancer.

Post-natal care

Campaigns to improve post-natal physiotherapy and related services.

Persistent pelvic pain

Aiming for better understanding and treatment of long term pelvic pain


Let's get talking about the last great taboo


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