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About de Smit Medical

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Have a look at our latest guest blog - from de Smit Medical, one of our recommended companies for healthcare professional training, pelvic health equipment, and sound advice. Visit their website here:

About us

We are a well-established family run company, distributing a range of quality medical products. We launched the company eighteen years ago with a special interest in continence care, pelvic floor health and obstetrics, and this has remained at the core of our business ever since. By working in close collaboration with experienced continence physiotherapists we have been able to deliver evidence based courses to health care professionals and promote positive educational messages about pelvic health through social media.

Our core values Here are five core values that we feel are unique to de Smit Medical and key to the way we deliver our service.

We understand that health care professionals have the clinical expertise We avoid direct marketing to the public as we know that healthcare professionals have the knowledge to devise the most appropriate treatment plan for patients. This means we see ourselves in a supportive role and let continence specialists take the lead in providing the best care.

We support the clinical practice of health care professionals Our training courses, now accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, originated from a desire to support health care professionals based within the specialist field of continence care and pelvic floor health. These courses are written and delivered by Consultant Physiotherapist Julia Herbert; they are suitable for practitioners new to this speciality as well those wanting to advance their skills including their understanding of biofeedback and neuromuscular electrical stimulation as a treatment.

We focus on product quality that goes hand in hand with affordability Distributing a diverse range of products, from portable bladder scanners through to electrical stimulation and biofeedback units, we choose manufacturers who provide high quality products and ensure that they are affordable. Our satisfied customer base includes large organisations, such as community continence services, as well as lone practitioners.

‘Recommended product by physio and it’s making a big difference. Bought through this site and delivered quickly with no problems. Recommended.’ – Kate, 11 June 2020.

We keep it simple Any information we produce is jargon free, accessible, and easy to understand as we aim to demystify the world of bladder, bowel, pelvic floor health and continence products. Pelvic health physiotherapist Jane Appleyard oversees our presence on social media as we promote positive empowering messages about pelvic health through blog articles and video tutorials.

We help you adapt Our close partnership with health care professionals means we have an insight into the pressures they face, especially in recent times with the move to online consultations, and we are keen to help, as practitioners adapt to new ways of working. We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like any further information about our products or the services we provide. Please use our contact form to get in touch.


Rent the NeuroTrac™ Continence Stimulator for 12 weeks We have offered an affordable rental scheme for the NeuroTrac™ Continence device for a number of years which many have found to be a great way to try stimulation for the first time. In response to the increased use of online virtual consultations we would like to bring to your attention a new programme about to launch in conjunction with the 12 week rental scheme.

Step one The patient is assessed by the health care professional (HCP) and a treatment plan is devised which, for this individual, includes pelvic floor muscle stimulation or neuromodulation.

Step two After receiving consent from the patient, the HCP contacts de Smit Medical with a request for the electrical parameters on the NeuroTrac™ Continence to be set specifically to achieve the clinical objectives for that patient.

Step Three de Smit Medical dispatches the unit directly to the patient for a three month rental loan period.


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