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Pelvicroar were delighted to be asked to review the eBook "Strength Through Yoga" by Hannah Barrett and Finola Burrell. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to move and rehabilitate your pelvic floor (and your whole body!) but, as with all exercise, expert advice and instruction will make it safer and more effective. This ebook does just that...

It consists of a 16 week, progressive programme, designed by experts in yoga and physiotherapy.  It is well written, detailed but not overwhelming, and very easy to read and follow.

It is also designed to be suitable for all mothers, not just those in the immediate post-natal period. It consists of short sessions that can fit into busy lives, and the instructions are always clear and easy to understand. It makes the exercises safe and accessible, even to those who have never attempted yoga before.

There is good focus on the pelvic floor area and adaptations to ensure that all the exercises are pelvic floor friendly.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent post-natal recovery and rehabilitation programme and can be useful as a basis for a continuing exercise regime.

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