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“The Happy Menopause” by Jackie Lynch

“The Happy Menopause” by Jackie Lynch

Watkins Publishing – published Tuesday 13th October

Pelvicroar have been working with Jackie for some time and rate her knowledge on nutritional matters very highly indeed. You can see our previous blog posts of Jackie’s work on our website. We were therefore delighted to see that Jackie had another book planned, and publication day is today!

The Happy Menopause is a positive, refreshing and practical look at how women can use nutrition to support menopause and avoid some of the pitfalls associated with it. It has a focus on providing simple, interesting and helpful advice that is easy to follow. The focus is on positive, small steps that can add up to big changes, rather than a detailed list of instructions or a focus on things to cut out, which can always be a bit depressing! The tone is warm and friendly; “You may not feel like it, but….” And there are lots and lots of simple tips, such as how to portion out food correctly to manage weight issues.

The layout of the book is fantastic. It has a useful, generic introduction and then two key sections. The first is divided into sections relating to common symptoms and how to manage them. The second focuses on key nutrients and what they can offer. This makes it easy to find the exact section that is relevant to you, and you can use it as a quick reference book as wekll as a “read from cover to cover” book...

The chapter called “If you only do one thing…” is genius, as it discusses the single most important aspect of good nutrition in menopause management. If you follow the advice in this chapter, you are guaranteed to feel better. It is this concept that I first heard Jackie discuss two years ago, and it turned my menopause journey around.

You will not need to go on a lengthy, expensive shop or spend hours cooking complex meals. You can pick this book up, read a page or two and have an action that you can take straight away. You will feel better simply having this book on your bookshelf!

This is THE book for you and your menopause. Take our word for it – buy it, read it, gift it!


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