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Menopause clothing

Back in the autumn, I wrote a detailed blog about four sets of clothing that I had been testing from companies making garments for women experiencing the temperature challenges of menopause, among other things. The results were outstandingly positive and I am still enjoying the items from 51 Apparel, Become, Cucumber Clothing and Esteem No Pause.

Recently, 51 Apparel sent me a sample of their new shorts, made from an even softer and silkier fabric. Even in the midst of the hottest hot flush I would be too cowardly to wear this in the UK in January, but they will be going with me on my summer holiday (to a rainforest, during the menopause!) I have worn them every night since they arrived almost a month ago, though (and they have been washed). I can honestly say that these are as good as anything else I have tried (or even better) and are cut perfectly to fit the typical pear-shaped English bottom (of which I am too familiar). As with some of the previous garments I tested, it would be impossible to tell these apart from normal, luxurious clothes but they do, without a doubt, help to control your temperature and stop that awful clammy, sweaty feeling. They wash perfectly and this is a good opportunity to report that the black top and trousers from 51 Apparel that I received in September are in as good condition, and remain just as black, as they did before I wore and washed them repeatedly.

These garments are a great asset if you experience hot flushes......and are worth every penny in my opinion!

Myra Robson - #pelvicroar founder

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