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Male Fit Pros can be pelvic floor experts too!

Hi, my name is Will Smith, and I own and run a gym just outside of Preston called Fitness Plus. I have spent a mere 6 years within the Fitness Industry. In this time I have studied wildly from subjects including exercise, nutrition, psychology, and mind-set. I am also a Personal Trainer, although I class myself more as a coach. We also have an Operations Manager, Ben, who is also a PT.

One thing that was coming to mind recently, when I was assessing all of our clients, was that the majority of them was female. So I decided to adapt the way I coach, including everything from nutrition, hormones, and menstrual cycle. But one thing was I was finding I didn’t know enough about was the Pelvic Floor, its job, its function and its muscles. 

So I decided to jump on a course with a friend of mine, Laura, who is based in Lancaster. We both attended the “Adore Your Pelvic Floor” course taught by Louise. I was welcomed into the class, and was forewarned I was the only male. It soon became apparent that this was quite rare!

I soon began to understand the importance of the pelvic floor, not only for women, but for men also. In the back of my head, I started to run ideas on how I could implement what I was learning with certain clients, one of which I knew had previously had a hysterectomy.

I like to be the best at what I do, and learning more about the Pelvic Floor and what it encompasses has only enabled me to become even better at my job. My clients love the fact that I have gone out of my way to understand their issues thoroughly. From needing the toilet 5 times a day, to having a leaky bladder, to better performance in the bedroom!

I am incredibly grateful to Louise for welcoming me on the course, and enlightening me to the world of the Pelvic Floor and the importance of it. I look forward to continuing my development and understanding, and implementing the Pelvic Floor!


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